Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updates in Home Decor

Remember back in January when we were working on R8's dollhouse? Well she and I have occasionally been adding to the decor. It is not in the neatest condition today, but I simply had to take a picture. Her doll bed is down in front partially obscuring the view of the first floor. Every once in a while I will surprise her with new furniture from her box of dollhouse things we put away a long time ago. This dollhouse was a gift to her from a friend of mine when she was 2. We remodeled last winter putting the backing on, adding partitions for rooms, and repainting it. The most common doll residents are the Polly Pockets. They really like the Sculpey furniture R8 has made. Looking at this photo I think we'll add some things to the walls. The back board is a dry erase surface. That has the potential for fun!

We moved these photos my mom took to one wall in R8 and J3's room. We have a new addition- a lovely photograph of a trilium flower. I haven't decided where to put that one yet. My mom is quite the nature photographer. Thanks mom. Of course, my favorite are the black-eyed susans. Maryland State Flower anyone?

Remember R8's Kandinsky painting from earlier this summer? It looks awesome at the head of her bed.

We did a little make-over in the boys' room. Underneath the yellow stripe is a sponged edge with alphabet stamps and hand stamps. Perfect for toddler and preschooler boys- not so perfect for a tween and his 6yo brother. So, at AC Moore I found sticker borders and check it out. I bought the sports stickers for the border and up near E10's top bunk. I-6 has Batman stickers. Of course. The rest of the room shows off Brian Jacques posters (author of Redwall) and more of my mom's photography. Although we are still waiting on that bird of prey Dad. I'm just sayin'.

At some point I'd love to repaint the room a more neutral color, but we have some other rooms on the docket first. The one that comes to mind is my kitchen and dining room. Since we aren't traveling at Thanksgiving now, Dan has agreed to work on this. Wish me luck!! A trim wall will look super with my new 6.5 ft pencil tree. More on this later if my dream comes true...


Tricia said...

Boy have you got energy or what? My 5 little girls are just dying for me to turn they're room into a nursery type deal like out of the Martha Years Books. But I just cannot bring myself around to doing it.

Jen Unsell said...

LOVE that dollhouse Heather! Fun!

Annemarie said...

Love those three flower paintings used for wall decoration.