Friday, November 21, 2008

Native Americans Stop 1: The Inuit

We read The Very Last First Time this week and focused on the life of the Inuits. We compared modern day Inuits with those of long ago and what types of houses they are in now and the ice fishing traditions along with the tradition of gathering mussels under the sea.

Each pocket has a story to read and a label for the pocket in addition to the vocabulary words and house icon.

The kids will put a square with an icon of tribes' home on the map as we go along.

The are also making a book of Native American vocabulary. You can see the igloo on the first card in this picture. They colored them and glued them in and then wrote about them in their own words.

The Ferby Pencils- joy for the whole family! I had a mission the other day to sharpen them all- always with a small Fiskars hand sharpener


Holly said...

Nice unit on NAs we did one a few years ago and I really burnt us out, I'm still not ready to do another one lol!

Native American Advocate said...

Looks like a great unit on the Inuit. They are still some of the most traditional Native Americans, despite having snowmobiles much of their diet still comes from the sea.

Alana - The Mommy said...

So how many weeks will you be focusing on Native Americans? Is this an in depth study, or is it just something extra for fun?

Heather said...

Up to Christmas friend. We are following along with the Evan Moor History Pocket.

We have done the Iroquois and the Inuit now.

Not sure what's up next.