Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kandinsky in Process

Remember that acrylic on canvas R8 began on her birthday...way back on June 1st? Tonight I gave her the opportunity to make some progress on her painting. She gets to be up a bit later and we get to have some time to work just the two of us. We both appreciate that chance!

The art apron- I decorated this apron for her a few years ago. That's all free hand down there folks- not bad even if I do say so myself! Above "artist in residence" is her name.

Her palette- she helped to choose them up. There's a few colors not quite in the same family as most but that's ok. Isn't it?

Her brush strokes are getting more confident!

She has really enjoyed working on the canvas. Before the night was through, she finished this one and one more for a total of three squares this evening. Our artist was tired by the end! She was chatting about entering this into the upcoming 4-H fair.

We can hardly wait for the finished product which we will hang on her bedroom wall. I don't know what Kandinsky would have to say about her work, but she digs his style!


Jennifer said...

I LOVE it! Might even copy the idea. Rachel would enjoy this so much! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

I love your daughter's art!! I have a Kandinsky mini-unit coming up in a couple weeks....this is the print I was planning for them to do an impression of. I enjoyed reading through your blog