Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rainy Day Play!

We are having a good ol' fashioned rainy day here today. Dan has the van and I am free most responsibilities at last! All of our homeschool reports are in and accepted including next year's letters of intent. That was two quarterlies, one narrative year end assessment, one explanation that E9's IOWA scores are due back in July so I will send them along at that time, and three letters of intent for next school year!

On top of that was a MOPS Coordinator's gathering here last night which meant lots of preparation of training packets and information for the ladies.

On Monday we spent the day at an amusement park...more on that to come. So, if you've missing entries since Sunday that's what's been going on!

After J3 finished playing Playdoh and opening and trying out a large container of bubbles (disaster averted there), he settled down with my binding combs on the "office" floor made up of carpet sraps.
This is a giant frontier fort built by the kids- for Native Americans, some frontiers and what appears to be large piles of Lego guys.
E9 made a nice farmyard complete with paper to simulate grass and water in the corrals. But...what's up with the X Wing?'s nice to have a relaxing day. Somehow though, the MOPS reports and the year long homeschool plans for three children loom in the distance. I have four weeks to plan 180 days for 3 kids (well the big picture plan anyway). I guess I won't relax too long!
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Jen said...

Nice parking job on the x-wing. It looks like it fits perfectly!