Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dollhouse Renovations are COMPLETE!

What do you think? It used to be white with lavender trim on the roof and front side trim only. We updated it with a fun dark pink and lime green trim. The first time I painted it she was 2yo so I'm excited for the make over and it'll be fun to get down to house keeping!

Dan puts the finishing touches on by hammering the backing onto the house.

The finished product- after the additions of walls and repainting and a backing added.

Back up in R7's room- at last! The sculpey kitchen appliances have been added.

Uh-oh! These are defenders of the fortress or evil schemers who plan to take over. Either way it is clear that R7 and I will have stiff competition to keep her brothers OUT of the way. Why do I have the distinct feeling I'll be competing with her as well!?


Jennifer said...

That last picture is hilarious!!!

Alana - The Mommy said...

Very nice Heather! It goes really well in her room too. The defenders are sooo funny!