Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Snow!

Well folks...I had to take another this morning. This is what we call "lake effect snow showers" in our neck of the woods! I tried to get a shot of the same place in the yard out the back door. In my pjs. Before MOPS this morning. It's a busy morning, but I do have blogging priorities. How could I let this snowy moment go by? I let it melt too much before taking that photo yesterday!

I'd say we have about 6 inches. Speaking of 6 inches, I know for a fact that my kids are not from where I'm from. The other night at the dinner table, while discussing snow, we talked about a dusting. Dan and I nearly fell out of our chairs when E10 goes, "Yeah 6 inches is a dusting." All matter of fact like. Six inches? kids are New Yorkers. What happened here??

My beading party was a huge success last night (my first big night out since surgery), but I gotta say I wasn't in for the ride home! There wasn't any pavement to be seen within a 20 mile radius of my home! What was I just sayin' about snow tires??

Now I'm just wondering if I can manage a pair of jeans for today's outing since I'll be sporting boots too. I'm going to try to get to MOPS and the hairdresser's this morning. Wish me luck! Then I have to get Dan in the next town- at about 1:30 so I can take my nap!!

Oh yeah...still recovering from surgery...

FYI- all this snow in November ROCKS because we are studying The Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews this week. Well honestly snow pretty much ROCKS all the time with the exception of perhaps May. Yes May. Don't you want to join us up here now??
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Lisa said...

Oh, Heather, I don't think I can show my kids the snow pictures on your blog . . . or you might end up with some uninvited guests! They would love a "dusting" down here (last year that was about all we had)! Keeping our fingers crossed to see snowflakes this week! Enjoy your snow for us!


Sheri said...

beautiful!! My kids are just counting the days until we get snow (Last year we got snow on Nov. 30th and they keep hoping).

Hope your recovery is going well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! When we lived closer to Rochester we were closer to the lake and my husband plowed ALL the time!

Now we we're closer to Canandaigua and my kids are bummed tha we don't get as much. However, with the Syracuse area being our snow rivals- I have to say I AM JEALOUS!