Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heart Song

Have you ever really thought about what makes your child's heart sing? I bet if you thought about it, you could name the thing that would do it. For each of your kids. Isn't it delightful when you can capture it easily enough and share it with your child?

That's what R9's art center is all about. I knew it would make her heart sing. She could spend and does spend hours working with paper and other craft media to create. She loves a good art project.

Over the long weekend, we'd been inching closer to having the desk put together. Dan wanted the paint to cure a bit more so the painted cubes sat and waited while the desk top stood against the wall. Just a little bit longer...

Today Dan put it all together and even though it's rained for nearly three weeks straight here and today is the first really full sun day we've had in weeks, R9 could be found in one spot. Her art center.

I helped R9 to put her things in place and she quickly took it all out so she could create. And create. And create.

She's been making paper doll clothes- I'll share in the next post. She wanted to have full use of her supplies hence the empty cubes.
Dan has cut the wood strips to make the art strip with clips. He'll be painting them this week the same color as the cubes and placing them above the desk on the wall. We also have some ideas about organizers for the top of the desk. She'll start with the decoupaged jar from her Molly party. I'll be sure to update the finished product as soon as it is done.

What do you think of the sticker stripe I found? Does that totally rock or no? For inquiring minds, I stamped those flowers and dragonflys on the wall when we painted it purple a few years ago. I really like the added element of the border.

A special thanks to Dan for all the work he's done at night and on weekends to be a very special Daddy! Thanks hon. There's no doubt her heart is singing! Mission accomplished. And the bonus for the rest of us? The school table will be ready for things other than Miss R's crafting!


School for Us said...

Love, love, love the table!!! OK... I want to go make (or buy) my daughter one. :-) What fun!!! (She's been doing oragami ALL weekend!) Anyway, I can't wait to see the paper doll clothes, too!

Shonda said...

Heather, that is a beautiful post. I love the title and the theme of "what makes your child's heart sing". I think you have the makings of a magazine article, my dear.

rainydaymichele said...

Makes me smile, Heather, to think of your daughter creating to her heart's content in her own space. :) Way to go, Mom and Dad!!

Debi said...

I love the border. I can't wait till we hopefully move and have a bigger home so that Rachel can have her own room. By the time she's your daughters age several of her older brothers will probably be out on their own. What does make my children heart's sing, such a wonderful question to ponder.

Amy said...

Beautiful! My own dd who is 5 would LOVE this! (and honestly, so would I so we could contain her creations)

Alana said...

Ah, her own "secret lair"! Really love that border too. Have fun Miss R!!!