Saturday, July 4, 2009

Temperature Recorders Part 2 or When You Have a Super Cool Homeschool Dad

Remember way back when the kids stuffed the temperature recorders in various places around our home? The other day Dan helped the kids to check on them. He opened them up and laid them out and the kids analyzed their data.

The kids had to decide which ones were where by taking a look at the lines on the graph paper. Dan helped them to think about where the recorders might have been based on what the temperature readings were saying. It was really good science with all that data analysis. Love it.
I encouraged them to try it again. We decided to see the difference between the outside temperature under the large shade tree in our yard and the the bright sunshine near the swing set. We equipped each recorder with a ziplock bag and delivered them to the yard. We'll check back soon.

I think we need to wait until the sun shines some. I'm just sayin'.


School for Us said...

What a neat experiment. And, there is PLENTY of sun around here. We've been over 100 for all but 1 of the past 10 days or so - very unusual for us. We can't wait for cooler weather!

Heather said...

Well it's rained most of the last three weeks here and it's been cool.

We had fireworks last night with a cold rain and 55 degree wind!

Today it was sunny- finally with a high of about 65 and breezy.