Monday, July 6, 2009

Paper Fashions

R9 loves to paper craft. I think I mentioned that. In fact, we both do. I have a real thing for papers and ribbons. Truly. She really loves to just cut out clothing free-hand to put on her drawings so when I noticed this Klutz Paper Fashions book I picked it up for a closer look. I knew she would love it. So, she used some of her birthday money to buy it and has been non-stop creating ever since.

She has some careful technique for putting bling on her outfits. That's a bead under the pencil point that she is getting glue on.

Then she applies it to her fashion item.

Check out the work in progress. Such fine detail.
She has many stencils to choose from.

And the book comes with these cute metal hangers.
Just a portion of the many outfits she has made. She also has a mannequin she lets wear them. I love the pleated skirt and cardigan with many buttons.
Klutz also makes a Fancy Fashions book and refills of paper and hangers for the original book. I know which item she'll be getting with the rest of her birthday money.


Tracey said...

That looks so fun! My dd love this type of activity. We have a few of these books and I end up trying to make my own creations along with them.

School for Us said...

Cute!!! And, looks like fun. I think my daughter would love these. I'll have to show her this post. :-)