Saturday, May 23, 2009

American Girl Molly Party

R8 decided she wanted a Molly Party. No problem...Memorial Day Weekend was to be her party and what a great theme- a doll from 1944. A doll who is all about helping with the war effort. Great choice. The guests would wear red , white, and blue.

First we made the invitations...

R8 helped to make her cake. Here we are chopping Oreos.

Half the ice cream cake- the bottom layer is the crushed Oreos, topped with chocolate ice cream, then a layer of chopped up Reese's Pieces.

Then another layer of ice cream this time vanilla.

I sure used these books for ideas!

Most of the meal- jelly flag sandwiches, pbj roll ups, and fruit slushies (plus tortilla chips, carrots and celery and hotdogs- they ate plenty!)

We decoupaged on to glass jars with tissue paper- a Molly era craft

The brothers got to participate too. J3 is hard a work.

The finished cakes- you top with Cool Whip and you are ready to go. I took the liberty of using patriotic sprinkles! Did this all look festive or what?

R8 got a bunch of really fun gifts.

A crafter's delight...even now I'm being summoned to help them stamp.

The new very fuzzy blanket- brings out a fun color from her stamped walls.

One mom seemingly whipped this up in one day- an outfit and matching bag for Miss Molly.

A friend of mine made this one. Perfect for Kit. She also got some fun googly eyes and lots of felt for her American Girl felt project book from Easter. Very cool.

Yet another Molly outfit. Notice what it is? A copy of Molly's birthday pinafore and a dress to match. So much fun.
  • We played Kick the Can which is a Molly ear hide and seek game. I need to review the rules for play before initiating group play!
  • I used Rhapsody to play some 1940s era music. The Andrews Sisters- let me just say these ladies were not the wholesome trio I perceived them to be. Just a fair warning on that.
  • We decoupaged and talked about WW2 supply issues and the war effort and Molly's box of scraps that she used to have fun with.
  • We talked about Memorial Day and who we remember on that day which of their relatives may have fought in wars.
  • We ate food Molly would have eaten although I stopped short of serving Victory Garden Soup.
  • The kids played Capture the Flag and other fun games together
  • We celebrated with Cake and Presents
  • We loaded the girls up with patriotic goodies and their decoupaged jars into a craft bag we would have stamped stars on had we not run out of time.
Nine girls. A birthday girl. Three boys. And their parents. In a little house on a beautiful start to the Memorial Day Weekend.

R8 will be NINE on June 1st. Her brothers will follow with their birthdays on June 7th and June 10th. So there will be more birthday fun in the days to come!


Julie said...

What a great party!

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

I love home parties. They are so much work but they are so satisfying. Plus the kids remember it longer because they helped with the decorations and planning and setting up. You threw a great party with lots of neat ideas for the rest of us.

Tracey said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!