Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two-Wheelin' Adventures

E10 got this BIG bike last fall for his birthday. Kind of cruel around here to give a bike that time of year. He rode it once I think and it was big for him. Now check him fits him well and he's getting good at riding a bigger bike.

R8 is riding so well. We finally got her two wheeling early last summer. Late I know, but it is cumbersome to get these bikes out of our shed (we are possibly one of maybe a few families that does not have a garage in central NY) and they just wouldn't stick with it. Uh but now she has grown like five inches since last year and she also needs a new bike.

I-6 had a BIG day today. LOOK at him two - wheelin'!! We've had his pedals off for some time letting him cruise and balance. We put them on yesterday, but he wasn't brave enough to use them. This afternoon he DID it! This was the bike E10 was riding until he got his new one...I know...we are slow!

J3 is cruising on the alligator bike. He's up from last year's tricycle. He has the hang of it quite well now and you never know...we might just teach him to two wheel by the end of the summer.

Who's this? What is she doing? This is a little known past time called in line skating. Dan and I used to skate a lot before we had kids. Actually, at first I cycled on my beloved bike (which I still have and still rides like a dream) while he skated- he could beat me on skates so it was a good match. Tonight E10 asked if we'd get them out. Why not? I told Dan he better get a picture. It was great fun, but next time I'm getting out my bike! It's a slick Specialized I've had since college. I used to ride a whole lot back in the day.
We have taught our kids a lot of things over the years. I still say potty training and two-wheel riding are among the most difficult thus far. Parents of older children NO laughing. Based on E10's go karting and bicycle skills, teaching him to drive will also make the list. At the rate he is going, his two next youngest siblings will drive before he does. I'm just sayin'.


Lynn said...

Wow! Great pictures of the kids, and YOU ARE ON SKATES!! I would definitely need those knee pads. Looks like fun!


Michele said...

Love the pictures! I would love to get Justin off his training wheels. Yes he will be EIGHT! Sigh...
I LOVE the picture of you rollerblaading! You GO GIRL!!!!

Heather said...

In my defense I've only needed those knee pads once ever in my skating career. I had a fantastic wipe out not long after I had them. It was pretty spectacular and I skidded across some pavement making a turning stop. Thankfully I was wearing a jacket! Other than that, I don't think I've really had a fall.

Dan only wears knee and wrist pads with a helmet though...