Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Choices for Art

So, I pulled some things from our art library to share with you. E10 and R8 are old enough to assign something from this collection for an item in their boxes. R8 particularly likes to dabble in different projects and lately I've given her free reign with certain media. A lot of times I will choose something and do it as a family. Sometimes it relates to our unit study and sometimes it does not.

Five in a Row
has many wonderful art projects in its manuals that we do. However, sometimes I like to add do our experience with another project. Right now since we are doing a unit on Exploration, I will pick some fun things just to stretch our wings.

The Usborne Art Treasury has projects in it that mimic the masters. We did the project based on Starry Night by Van Gogh.

This is one of my favorites- Storybook Art. The premise of the book is to study children's book illustrators and their style and to try out a project based on their technique. It has many FIAR titles in it and the ones we have tried have been a total hit. You may remember we did one from Owl Moon this winter.

Anything by MaryAnn Kohl is a fun deal. We haven't done anything from this book yet, but I picked it up at the last library sale.

Primary Art has projects in it for elementary aged kids. I grabbed this up when our local daycare supplier was going out of business. I do miss that store. It was a great bonus for homeschoolers.

Here is another of my favorites- Discovering Great Artists. Just like others it allows you to study a famous art master and try out a project from his/her style.

This book and it's twin, What Shall I Do Now? are combined volumes of smaller books in the Usborne collection. There are some independent projects in here for kids. You could have them choose up a project or pick one for them to do.

Can you tell I love Usborne books? Before you marvel at my wealth, please understand I typically hold one book show a year and convince my family and friends of the awesome value of an Usborne book and from that I reap the rewards in lots of books for little cash. My secret is out. Run, don't walk to your nearest Usborne consultant and book a show! Invite your friends. Order books. Be happy. Oh and this book? Is another combined volume, but there are tons of ideas and techniques and projects in here.

I picked this up for a $1 at a consignment shop back home. What a find! Art and Craft experiences for 3 to 9 yr olds?? That suits us almost perfectly right now!

The Little Hands Art Book was one of the first in my ever growing collection. You can find lots of hands on projects for toddlers and preschoolers in here. Great for a box if you ask me!

These are some of my favorite art titles from Usborne. They have individual projects on each page or double page. You can collage, crayon, count, draw people, paint with watercolors. Each project is listed out step by step and older kids could do this independently.
Some of you may be thinking these are super titles, but so what. Well let me share a few details with you.

How would I plan this for a box activity?

I would choose the project from a book and then prepare the materials needed for the project I've chosen. Then I can add the book with a post it note on what page and project to do. Also, in the box will be the materials necessary to get the job done.

In my preschool post I talk about how children should be doing some form of art or creativity on a daily basis. We certainly have the resources to make that happen. Until now though, it wasn't as easy to plan out and have ready as it is now.

Also keep in mind that we have two places for craft storage: one is in the craft closet which holds art paper and then up higher paints and other things that I don't want to have for access without permission. The other is a little craft center where the kids can pull out whenever and be creative. I expect I will only have to pull out materials that aren't normally out without asking. Paints I would reserve for when I'm there or just give instructions to that effect on the sticky note.

Shopping Information:

Other than ordering directly from Usborne and finding these gems at used book sales, you can find most of these titles through Amazon, Rainbow Resource, and a book store retail chain like Barnes and Noble and Borders.


Holly said...

I haven't been here in a while... you've been busy and ohhh the books what a great collection of art books! What Fun!

WandaT said...

Those all look like great books. I'm such a wimp when it comes to the creative side, (and I claim to be a scrapbooker.) Love your blog.
Keep smilin'