Monday, March 23, 2009

Crafty Box Ideas

We have quite a collection of craft books. R8 would particularly love to see one of these in her boxes one day. I pick these kinds of books up at book sales and consignment shops. Of course I buy some new through Usborne or the bookstore.

Here we have a few American Girl craft books, the Usborne Rainy Day card set, and some lettering books
I really used to love these Usborne craft book ideas. So many themes and we've used them in our Adventure Boxes.

Holiday Usborne craft books

I'm planning on putting this type of activity in the boxes a few times a week. R8 really loves to craft. We also get Pack O Fun Magazine which would be fun to add to a box on occasion.

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T Nash said...

I am getting ready to start the work boxes. I have my shelf and boxes, but need to get a few other projects completed before I jump in full force. I love you ideas and resources. Keep them coming. I will return to you blog often for inspiration.