Monday, September 17, 2007

Artist Study #1 VanGogh

So, check out our Starry Nights and Sunny Day paintings. We learned that Van Gogh was a mentally unstable guy who tried many things unsuccessfully before turning to art. He used swirls of thick paints (often right from the tube- which I SO want to try!)to make layers of paint.

We tried our hand at the swirly thick method by mixing paint colors with craft glue to make them thicker and painting in swirls on cardstock paper. I took a shot at it as well. I couldn't resist!

This project idea came from The Usborne Art Treasury and we'll be using Discovering Great Artists and Storybook Art as well. We do a lot of art with FIAR, but sometimes it's fun to try something new! I guess the kids are tuned to the literature unit studies because they kept asking what this picture had to do with our book!

I-5 really enjoyed trying the swirls too. It was hard work getting the kids to swirl rather than go back and forth.

I took a stab at it. Who can resist thick acrylic paints?? And mixing cool colors??

R7 makes a lovely Starry Night.

E9 does a daytime scene.

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Ben and Me said...

Heather....we've just started our Van Gogh study too (and we're using the same books!) I love the idea of letting you kiddo do the photography, they always see things a bit different than we do! Oh, and good job mom, on the painting!