Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Show Fun...

I put a sticky note with the Trees Art Show on it from Amanda over at Hearts and Trees in one of R8's workboxes today. Have you seen it in your blogging travels?

She got to take a look at all the paintings and answer the questions. This is the one she chose as her favorite.

Emily Carr- A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth is R8's favorite painting in the show of trees.
Tomorrow, she will have a chance to try and recreate the painting using oil pastels or prismacolor pencils.

I hope Amanda sends more of this fun our way soon! If you've never enjoyed her art and nature kits, stay tuned for her spring kit. I'm looking forward to it.


Susan said...

Your blog is wonderful! I found it when someone shared the workbox thread at the FIAR boards. If you don't mind, I'd love to continue following it as I homeschool my 6 youngest children and can use all the help/ideas I can get.


Heather said...

Welcome Susan! Thank you and happy reading. : )