Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Yes I DID Finish That Craft Closet!!

Isn't it a thing of beauty? Last night I did the top shelf and filled a trash bag. Turns out there were some items I didn't need anymore. I found a whole basket labeled dress up that actually had many old purses of mine in it. I visited some fond memories of the days when I couldn't get enough of my Liz Claiborne purse. I kept one- the pink one with the khacki trim.

Today I tackled the middle shelf and I just knew once it was done, I'd zip through the bottom part. And that's just what I did this afternoon! I vacuumed lots of dust, threw more old things away, recycled some papers, found a new place for a few things, and relabeled the containers. Those two little boxes on those papers on the bottom are going too. Guess I thought I'd moved them already.

The best find: A box full of video tapes which undoubtedly include our wedding and some fun things from when we were in high school. Woohoo! I guess a long time ago we must have hoed out and boxed them up and put them there and never thought about them again...until now. I used space behind the boxes on the middle shelf so have a few things that are easy to get at back there. Very nice.

I'm definitely pleased with the outcome. What do you think? One thing I may change as I set up the craft corner on the other side of the house, is using that Elfa shelf over there. then I'd replace this one with a tall drawer set. It's mostly paper on there so I think it would work, but then the banker's box can't go there so I'm not sure.
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Alana - The Mommy said...

I had an idea! What about putting a paper towel holder on the wall in there? To hold that roll of paper towels of course!

Jen said...

It looks awesome! Good decluttering! : )

Michele said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I need to do that to my school cabinet! Maybe this summer!