Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Wood" Cut Art

Last week's art lesson for Snowflake Bentley was a wood cut art. The illustrator made pictures using a wood block that was drawn on and then the negative space cut away and the rest was painted. I thought about how we could do this without becoming wood carvers and I decided on Model Magic. It worked well though the modeling compound is a little too flexible for a proper job. After the painting is complete you use it stamp the image on paper. Below are our attempts at wood cut art.

I-5 made his wood cut one of the smaller green truck plows in Katy and the Big Snow. He did a great job!

Well of course I had to make an example and see if it would work, yes? That's my water and sun...I think it turned out really well.

E9 tried a cricket in honor of Cricket in Times Square- not bad at all. I think I have the paper oriented funny, but the shape is there.

R7 worked on a snowflake which ended up a little warped. That happened when cutting away the space outside the drawing. Model Magic is a little too flexible for proper wood cutting, but it made a great medium for trying it out any way.
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Jen said...

How fun! I tried that once with my class when we read Bull Run, and let's just say I should NOT seek a career in woodcutting!