Sunday, August 1, 2010

My New Spectacles

After two years of wearing glasses, it was time to see the eye doctor again and regardless of the outcome, I was planning to change up my look a bit. Anyone been around long enough to remember the first time I got glasses two years ago? I'd never worn them before and it was a new world to me. Recently, I'd say for the past 3 months, I've been cleaning my glasses constantly. As in, I would have sworn they were just perpetually smudgy. Turns out...that is a SURE sign of needing a new prescription in your lenses.

So, I took my kids with me for my check up and when we went into the room to do the eye test part, my "entourage" sat on the floor facing the monitor. You know...where they could easily read what I was supposed to say each time I was asked for a row. You know how it goes...they flip between 1 and 2 and ask which looks clearer. You know you are in trouble when one is better than the other. My entourage began to snicker as I got answers wrong. My left eye has been rather troublesome and boy did the eye test reveal that one! I kept guessing and trying and not succeeding. My entourage was having great fun at my expense. I now know how it feels to be that kid in class who doesn't know the answers and never raises hand and chooses not to participate. After a while, I wanted out of there! Turns out my eyes are pretty allergic and my left eye is worse than the right one...liquid gold antihistamine is going to help that out. Anyway, at one point I had to shout, "Quiet entourage!"

The technician kept asking, "C'mon which is clearer?" And I would reply, "I don't know anymore!" "I can't be corrected!" After much blinking, I found the clearer lens! Thank goodness. I wasn't really sure I could make it happen for a while there.

So, there it is...I HAD to have new much for finally being able to wear sunglasses again. They will have to wait. Again.

Then began the quest for new frames. This time I went alone on a Saturday to pick out the ones I like best. I took a poll among friends and random strangers. I stared at the cell phone pictures all weekend and dashed off on Monday morning to make the final decision and order them. Entourage in tow. I ended up trying on a pair very similar to these only they had squared off frames. Rectangular frames are IT right now and my face does not look so good with a rectangle. But I tried on the ones I figured I was getting and a few other options. One that I sort of liked both of my little boys told me, "You look like an old man." Fabulous. I didn't even make old lady status.

Without further ado, my new glasses:

I'm peering over them so you can see the very cool turquoise on the inside. Yeah...they are that cool. Also, notice my hair...had those awesome streaks put in there and then everything just lightens up. Still the caramel brown color doesn't fade. I told my hairdresser this last Monday when I had it cut that I wanted whiter blond next time. I know...I cannot be stopped. Truth be told, one streak was the super bleached and the other was more golden.

Here is another look. Mom and Dad... I picked one of the ones you didn't like. I hope it'll be ok...
As a side note, these are Op brand. Where are my 80s sisters out there?? Have you noticed the resurgence of the Op branding? Except now you can find Op in walmart. What now? You would never have seen Op in walmart (or kmart back in the day) ever. Dan joked that was the reason I picked them. Because they are Op. While it does fill my 80s sensibilities, I chose them because they were the least offensive to me. Picking glasses is hard. Such a permanent accessory! This same frame comes with a purple "underside", but I liked the turquoise so much better. It pops. I like pop.

Also, I thought I had learned my lesson when my eyes had been really sort of aching at the end of the day two years ago leading up to the first time I got glasses. Then this time I spent several months trying to clean my glasses into submission. So, here is my official advice...when that sort of thing happens, don't wait until your "appointed time". Go early for the check up and deal with it.

One thing I've noticed recently is that I have to take my glasses off to read. I wear my glasses for distance. I'd say this has been happening for about 3 months or so. Need to take them off to see more clearly the words on a page. So, my eye doctor gave me what I call the "old eyes pamphlet". It appears that I am on the slippery slope to reading glasses which will mean bifocals. I'll be on the lookout for fuzzy words. Dr gives me 8 to 10 years before I need them. Really? That's what he said about glasses for my astigmatism. He told me not before 40 and I'm on my second "scrip" before 40. Ahem.

So, the other day I went looking for a strap for my glasses. I'm not sold on it, but this way I won't have to put my glasses down when I take them off to I was discussing this with J5 the other day. He said, "Mommy I have seen people at church with strings on their glasses." Knowing what he was implying I asked, "Are they old ladies?" He confirmed my suspicions.

The moral of the story attention to your eyes and don't wait to get glasses! I love mine and they sharpened my distance vision immediately!! Amazing how the air is much clearer. I stand by my original observation that maybe we don't have smog...we just need glasses. However, with an astigmatism the closer range vision with new glasses takes some adjustment. Everything within 3ft of me is like the fun house. At least this time it isn't as dramatic and I haven't fallen off any curbs yet! I've been at it since Thursday and everything is less weird so things are looking up.

One last lesson...moms leave your entourage at home. Especially if you suspect your vision has changed. You don't need the extra pressure. Trust me.


Michele said...

Cute glasses Heather! At the end of last year I finally got new glasses after many years of wearing the same ones...ahem....think 80's style. Yes it had been that long. I now have progressive lenes which are bifocals without the line. I am planning on getting a pair of prescription sunglasses at the end of the year. I have a pair of clip ons as I have to have sunglasses. I cannot function outside without sunglasses!

Cin said...

There is that MOPS spirit. Picking the glasses to match the polo shirt.

midwest mama said...

I need to see an eye doc myself...I need mine for distances, too, mainly for doing things like reading signs, ahem.

Did you know that you can get polarized sunglasses that will fit over over prescription specs? I've seen them online and occasionally in stores, not terribly expensive, either (about $20?). I may go that route sometime...I'm notorious for having to change from one to the other (when driving---ok, I usually do it at a stop light). I have one pupil that is larger than the other, which causes me to be very sensitive to bright lights and glare, so absolutely cannot do without shades while driving. Can't always predict those sudden rainstorms, though {wink}.


Christi said...

Very cute! I love a new pair of cute glasses...ummm on my daughter....or my son. Surprisingly, my dh nor I wear them but two of four so far have had to have them. Weird.

Like the look :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same glasses. Dh picked them out for me since I am blind as a bat without them. He has good taste. I have progressive lens now. Getting old.

When I was in kindergarten we were screened for vision and hearing. "Do you see the apple on the table?" "What table?" I replied. Got glasses the second to last day of school and have had them ever since.


Tracey said...

Heather, the glasses look great!

Anonymous said...

Heather you are picked the same frames that my 15yro picked out last year! Seriously! And I do mean really.
And by the way, all her friends just went mad over her new frames so they are considered pretty hip!

Vincent Davis said...

Oftentimes, it's a great opportunity to freshen up one's image when it's time to get a new pair of glasses. I guess it's 'cause the pair would be a constant feature in our daily lives. Anyway, you're looking quite fine. You and the glasses make a good duo.