Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun Classroom Finds: Part 1

So, as you now know, I've spent this past week embroiled in a massive reorganization effort prompted by Dan...not me this time. One of his tasks for me was to go through my classroom stash again to finally get rid of any or all of it that I did not need for homeschooling. Admittedly, this stash had taken up 3 large shelves in our tiny space (and I've gone through this stuff twice before in the last ten years) and really any spot of storage in 1400 some odd sq ft is prime real estate. It was time.

I got 9+ boxes of science classroom stuff down to about 3 boxes which I can use now (I used to teach 6th grade general science and 7th grade life science) because I have a 5th and 7th grader or I can toss it once and for all. In other words, I'm either using these materials in our homeschool or it has to go now. Fair enough...I hate parting with classroom things though. Sigh. A vestige of an era gone by. I've been home from the classroom for 12 years now. Wow.

Along the way, I found some gems. The one below kept my hair out of my face while I continued to dig through boxes! Behold the "game hat".

Whenever I had a cooperative game planned for the day, I would greet the students at the door this way or I would put it on when I announced the game. Oh look kids, "It's brain teaser time!"

I had other tags too...I learned about the fly swatter game in graduate school. Yes, you read that right. Grad school...and I found the flies. That deserves its own post. So worth it.

So, my kids wanted to know why the students thought this was a big deal. I mean, whenever they saw me with this "hat" on, they got excited because something fun was going to happen. Dan had to explain to them why a kid in a school might find this exciting which made me laugh!

Stay tuned for more classroom funnies!


Tracey said...

Queen Brain Teaser! Love it!

Shannon said...

Love these...What a fun teacher you were/are! Hope you're having a great summer. Have fun at convention!