Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Re-Org

My blog has been quiet since returning from our trip...mainly because we've been in the midst of a great re-organization effort at our house.

I've spent long hours helping children hoe out treasures and making sure those we keep have a real place to go...

I've spent long hours going through my classroom teaching boxes and getting rid of even more things from that era gone by (just not enough space to continue to store it and any former public school teachers will know what a job this was to do and even to be asked to do!).

I went through all my graduate work and found my thesis. I found some really fun gems to share with you along the way. So, I hope to do that soon. One of them was a paper I wrote back in the day that made me laugh and laugh. Surely you all will enjoy the irony as well. I just know it.

Yesterday we managed to consolidate 18 games which allowed us to throw out 18 board games boxes. This one I'll blog about. If you are might find it a great idea!

You know how when you organize something it usually gets worse before it gets better? Well...we are just past the worst of the worst and things are starting to look up.

My next mission is our school room.

Things would look really amazing if only the recycling truck could have visited THIS week...instead I'm stuck holding many, many boxes of recycling paper until next Wed. But I'll be ready...

So, that's where I've been. Doing spring cleaning in the summer and only a week before the MOPS Convention in Orlando.'s a great time to do that sort of thing.


Michele said...

I'm looking forward to your post about storing your games. This is something we need to do. Our space is so small. I am open to all suggestions!

midwest mama said...

I'll be following your re-org...I definitely need some simplification tips. And those stacks of games on top of my bookshelves ain't doin' it for me.