Monday, July 14, 2008

Glasses? You Can't Be Serious??

Oh but it's true! My doctor told me on Friday afternoon that glasses were no longer optional. Stink!

So, I trekked out to Sterling Optical at the local mall for no other reason than they take my discount and well...they are at the mall. Need I say more? Obviously an easy place to get eye glass maintenance should the need arise and I can throw a little Target or AC Moore into the mix.

I discovered two things about shopping for glasses:
  1. This is really an activity for you and a friend. One that can give you running commentary on which frames are the right ones for you. I asked the counter girl to be my friend. See below to see how she did.
  2. Really...this is a venue that is best done without small children. That is shocking I realize but it's worth mentioning.
While in the store trying on lots of frames which brought me vaguely back to my childhood and waiting for my mom to pick out frames which led to memories of one quarter of my early years spent in wall paper stores and dressing rooms, my two little boys were waiting patiently- sort of. I-6 had been told he could spend a portion of his allowance on a Batman accessory and was a saintly child who, by the way, was very helpful in which frames not to choose. J-3, on the other hand, was spinning a display case around. It was empty, but something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Let me preface this by saying that I have four children who are extremely well behaved and the oldest of whom is going to be 10 very soon. I've been at this for a bit. Not once have I ever had any of my children break something in a store.

There's always a first time for everything and this was spectacular. 'Cause you know that eyeglass shops are typically outlined in mirror-backed, glass shelving with -you know- many pairs of glasses on them. Let's just say that J-3 experienced a slight miscalculation and the whole display- twirly top item and the tall rectangular cube base toppled over and brushed the glass shelving. The counter girl practically screamed as she watched it happen- while I slowly turned around with the heart shaped mirror in my hand. J-3 was crying loudly and the counter girl was sufficiently freaked out. I picked up a few pieces of the glass shelving and uprighted her display case which is now cracked at the corner. I moved it next to the cube which I also uprighted for her and then I calmed Mr. J-3. Finally, one handed with 35lbs in my lap I completed my decision and took care of the paperwork. Spectacular indeed.

I had to get back there today to get measured so the optician could do his thing. My whole day was orchestrated then re-orchestrated around getting these spectacles. I will say there was no surcharge based on store destruction and that little twirly display was back together. I think I'm the only one who will notice the crack, but I think we are safe from an engineering failure. J-3 had to sit with me while I tried on the real deal. My very own glasses- that aren't sunglasses. Wow.

And now without further I am! Don't these frames remind you of...what is her name? Oh yeah- Tina Fey! Incidentally we are the same age. Isn't that nice? She has a TV show...but I have a cool blog. We're both funny.

The new me...let's just say that driving without them is NOT an option. That doctor was soo right. These things have like taken every greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere- I didn't realize the haze was only temporary. Yikes. Maybe the government should look into that for everyone. Global warming/Ozone Deterioration or Do We Need Glasses?


Mary said...

Welcome to the eyeglass world! I have worn glasses since 4th grade. Contacts are a nice option too. I have to get my eyes checked soon as things are not as clear as they used to be. I just talked to Heidi tonite from our college days. She is doing well.

Heather said...

Hey Mary! Yeah...get back there for some new glasses. Funny how it creeps up on you.


Jen said...

I can't believe there are people who make it to adulthood without needing glasses--Jay and I both got them in 2nd grade, so we are preparing Jack now.

They look great!

Anonymous said...

Heather your glasses look great!

I am glad to hear the roads in NY are a bit safer for the rest of us!

Jana in SoCal

Linda said...

Very nice! She, the shopkeeper, was a good friend. :) I can't believe you actually were able to successfully get some glasses w/ your kids in tow! Mishap and all, you still managed a huge undertaking! Way to go. :)

I got glasses for the first time a year ago, but I can't wear them! waahh. I went from not needing any glasses, to the dreaded 40's eye deterioration thing (it literally happens overnight, just you wait you spring chicken you! LOL). I have one eye that is nearsighted and one that is farsighted. How freaky is that? Their recommendation? Progressive bifocals, otherwise known as, Trifocals!!! I went from young, youthful eyes ;-) to granny eyes in a mere blink of, well, an eye.

Anyway, I can't wear the things w/o severe headaches. So, I don't. LOL I talked w/ another eye dr., where my dd has vision therapy, he recommended I get contacts. I think I might like that option better. I'll have to make an appointment and see what they really recommend, once they really see my old (really dry) eyes. :D

sewlisa said...

L10 says that your glasses look good on you.

Lisa :o)