Sunday, July 13, 2008

2008 Postcard Exchange

Every year or so we participate in a postcard exchange with families across the country and if we're lucky around the world. This year 47 families took part and so far I think we have 41 cards- not bad.

I usually put them up around the map (we do have one from Costa Rica that is on our world map- Hi Molly!) and this year we added the strings which lead you to the state and sometimes but not necessarily the city depicted on the card.

E9 helped by sorting out the cards on the floor and J3 helped me to put up the strings yesterday (during Camp Little Guys) by getting tape out of the dispenser. Thanks guys!

What fun to teach geography! We send out facts on our area and give fellow rowers an idea about where we live. Close to mail out day, we glued, stamped, labeled and cut out labels and facts. All the kids helped with the assembly line. While we were sitting and looking at the finished wall, J3 points and says there are the Rocky Mountains Mommy!

It was worth it just for that!


Rachel said...

Love your map! Ours looks similar except we have quite a few that still need to be added.

How funny that you received TWO from OK that are the same. I thought maybe we would find different ones. When I got mine from Walmart, we took all of one kind, then we had to get more so took all of another kind. Then we took the 3rd kind. We actually had to use THREE different postcards!

Lynn said...

Heather, that is so cool! I am really wanting to do much more with geography this year.

We'll definitely be doing the postcard exchange next time around. We've done it in the past and I have quite a stack of postcards.

We'll also be using the map site I posted and you so kindly referenced. I want to put together a book of states. Will post more about it later.