Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camp Little Guys- Day 1

This week I'll be doing activities with I-6 and J3. Today is the first day. I'll let you know how Camp Little Guy is going throughout the week.

J3 grew tired of watercolors and graduated to play dough.

I-6 tries his hand at making wavy stripes

Based on a watercolor tutorial, I tried ribbons.

I also tried graduations in color...

As requested, I'm adding the link to Hearts and Trees where Amanda does a watercolor tutorial on thin and thick lines. You can also go to her first two tutorials from that post. Enjoy!


Lynn said...

Heather, looks like so much fun. I love to do art with the children. The ribbon technique reminds me of the things we are learning with the Japanese ink painting.

Lynn :)

Rachel said...

What curriculum are you using with the watercolors? (ie. ribbon technique and the graduation technique) That is so neat! Something even that you could change up a bit and frame, using a verse that's special.

When we do watercolors they just always turn out like these elementary pictures that don't need or warrant keeping. I'd like to move onto some more actual techniques or lessons occasionally.