Saturday, July 12, 2008

4-H Fair Awards!

Great news from the county fair! The kids did really well for their first time around. E9 entered two items and R8 entered four as a Cloverbud. We went back on Wednesday to see how the judging went and again last night to take Dan.

R8 had some really nice comments on this one. The reviewer can't wait to see her work next year (when she'll enter as a 4-Her) Personally, I can't wait to bring it home so we can hang it up in her room! I'm seriously considering a frame for it from AC Moore- with a coupon of course.

Their club turned in a display on survival skills and kits. Our kids made the kits and contributed to the content but missed out on putting the display together. It got an excellent award. Great job poster makers!!

E9's popcorn experiment was being judged when we came in and it took over 20 minutes for the review! In the end, he got a Good Award for it so he's pretty pleased. I think if he works on presentation, next year he'll do even better (his content was super). Admittedly, if we get it together before the day it is due at the fair that would be a start! LOL Great job E9!!

This one has some good comments too. I'm just happy that FIAR art assignments hold their own against the competition! Her work stood out among the other entries particularly for her age.

Cloverbud ribbons all around! R8 holds up her poetry.

I knew this picture was special! He got another Good Award for this black and white digital of his grandparents. There were a lot of good photographs entered, so this is pretty cool.

I was just hoping they'd get some sort of recognition and I'm happy for E9 that the only two things he entered did well. He's proud and so are we. All in all, the kids really enjoyed participating and now that we know how things go, we'll set things aside as we finish them this year. Look out 4-H fair!


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I second the framed art idea for your dd!!! It's wonderful! I'd certainly do it :)

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