Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why do I Want the Homeschool Care Package?

The folks over at The Heart of the Matter Online are having a contest. They want to give away a bucket of fun homeschooling items to liven up someone's day. I'm figuring this is a good opportunity for me to reach out into the larger online homeschooling community and take a chance. Dan is always joking with me to put my writing to work. So, here I go. Why do I want that care package? Let's see if I can count a few ways!

First, just look at that tin! Who wouldn't want an infusion of homeschooling paraphernalia half way through the year? Well especially if whatever budget one has contrived has been blown sky high by now and yet it's hard to get excited about what one bought last summer now that it's January!

Who can resist posters and there are FOUR of them!

I can just see I-5's growing stash of sight words being transferred to the index cards and clasped with a ring for him to practice any time. Just checking out the other post on how to use rings makes me excited to try out a few. Imagine sets of things bound together so each time they are all there!

My craft closet and homeschool library always have room for more materials. R7 loves to model with clay (as can be seen in this post) and she loves to paint.

Did I see magnets stuck to that can? Love magnets at our house! Number magnets would be just right for my Kindergartner who loves math. Plus, my 2nd grader, who's a hands on girl would love to practice math facts on our magnet board.

I think that the item that catches my eye the most is the book 365 Days of Celebration and Praise. What better way to be an encourager and to practice thankfulness and praise throughout the year?

Now my post turns to the strategy reserved for my mom when I just wanted something so badly I just knew I could take care of anything that came my way. Oh ppllleeaase Mom! I'll take of her and feed her everyday. Can I please get the dog??

So, to the folks at The Heart of the Matter...I just KNOW I'll receive this care package with gladness and I will put each and every item to good use. In the event, that I come across something I can't use, I'll be sure to pass it on sharing the good fortune with others on the journey.

(who will anxiously wait to hear whether or not a fine bucket of fun will help to cure the long winter of cabin fever known as upstate NY state)

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