Saturday, January 12, 2008

Notebooking-Grandfather's Journey

I-5's origami page. We did a lesson on Japanese paper folding on Wednesday. We made the whale from Enchanted Learning.

R7's map page. We did a direction following activity to color the map of Japan and we reviewed where California is. In the book, Grandfather visits many places and desribes many land forms so we recorded those as well.

I-5's flag of Japan. We found out that the red dot represents the sun.

R7's CA map and origami whale. She was especially excited to do some paper folding because she loves it!
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Jen said...

These look great!

Heather, you have probably said this before somewhere, but what kind of notebooks do you guys use? Do you just put in a page for the title of each new book or activity or do you have subject notebooks or what?

Heather said...

Hi Jen- sorry for the delay. The notebooks we use are from walmart. They are spiral scrapbooks from the craft section in 10 x 10 size.

I create titles or the kids do and we put whatever FIAR stuff we do into them- all of it.

I do have a nb with sections they use, but honestly most work goes into what I like to think of as a portfolio. The loose papers in the binder will be thrown out, but the spirals we'll keep.

Sheri does hers the same way. She does nice extensions too. Have you see her blog? She's at Shades of Pink.

Does that help?

Jen said...

Thanks, Heather! It does help! I will check out Sheri's blog, too. We have mostly done lapbooks, but I think I will start a notebook for the times we don't do lapbooks. In fact, I think I have one like that in my scrapbooking stuff now.

Heather said...

I started doing these instead of the lapbooks. We do the folds and pockets and all that in the notebook.

It was a storage thing for me thinking I could more easily store these for four kids over the lapbooks.

For my Beyonder I prefer a three pronged folder. You can make sections to fit what you are studying and fill them up nicely with tons of stuff related the book study. He has a spiral as well, but this works better I think.

I may move to using the sheet protectors in the pronged folders for an even easier time of it.

The one thing I don't like is the size. If it was just a smidge bigger it would be easier to use.