Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update: Cricket in Times Square

E9 has been working all week on researching crickets and diseases that insects can spread. He also paraphrased a scene from his favorite fantasy book (one from the Redwall series of course!) after discussing what fantasy is. He's been working on his own book at the same time so I did not have him create his own.
We started some work on the history of New York. We'll be adding to this as we go through the unit. We're hitting the important things we haven't before now. Fourth grade and NY residents an all that.

He read about Garth Williams and gave a try at illustrating Tucker the mouse using Mr. Williams' cross hatching technique. We went for pencil rather than pen and ink this time. Can you name other well known children's books that Garth Williams illustrated?

His notebook has two section so far and you can see what animals E9 expects to meet along the way.

Before the holiday he did some research on rodents and specifically mice. This week we worked on animal classification and defined Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. Lessons after my own heart ; )! We placed crickets in their proper classification as well even finding an error in his animal encyclopedia.
The New York notebook section. Again, we'll be adding to this as the unit progresses.


Jennifer said...

Very nice!

And yes, I can name other literature illustrated by Garth Williams...the amazing Little House series, which I LOVE!!!!!

Love reading about your BY work since we will be starting in the summer!

PS...loving my palm, thanks to you!

Lynn said...

Yes, another is The Family Under the Bridge, which we enjoyed immensely, quite a few years back.

I am very impressed with your son's work!