Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Sculpey Fun!

Beads that R7 was working on today. Below is her set up and the directions for Millefiori Beads.
She did a nice job rolling out colors, and wrapping them with a flat rolled out piece of sculpey and then cutting them to see all the layers. She had a great time.

Book 2 from Klutz on working with Sculpey clay. She got this last Christmas.
This year she received the first book in the series. It has the directions for beading which she really had fun with.
This is a picture of her Sculpey stash. This is a sampler pack of 30 plus two sets that came attached to the Klutz books and two more Sculpey sets from last year. I hit some good sales and used some great coupons at AC Moore to acquire copious amounts of the clay.

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