Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Snowman for the Doll House

We've been using a journal type book to write to each other regarding the doll house. Today I left a note for R7 asking her to build a snowman for the yard or to decorate indoors. She jumped at the chance! We've been having a lot of fun with Our Year of the Doll House. On Christmas morning she opened up the journal with my explanation of the invitation to join me and each night I leave a note for her and we work on something together. She writes back to me with her ideas. It's been fun...thanks Lynn and Alana!
Guess what I found in our Klutz clay book?! Others on the doll house journey might be interested in this. I was doubting my desire to make the clay needed to make kitchen cannisters. Now I'm on board. Sculpey to the rescue!!
I just know our house will need a lawnmower and hose. I especially like the stove and fridge up there too. We'll have so much fun!!

We've been consulting with Daddy on doll house renovation, but I'm not sure how that is going. I know it hasn't been done, but hopefully the stomach thing that struck our house today will be extremely limited in its reach and longevity. Then we can get that underway.
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Lynn said...

You've convinced me to get the Sculpey. I looked at it, but had to have a try at making my own. The Sculpey looks perfect!

The book looks like a great reference.


Alana said...

Nice Snowman R! Ok, I am doing something with that dollhouse TO DAY!

The Mumma said...

Oh my goodness I totally adore the rolling pin and cookies on the table how adorable
Blessings SoniaM