Saturday, February 4, 2012

JrFLL Expo 2011-2012

Last weekend was our JrFLL Expo on campus. Dan runs the event and hosted 11 teams to share what they had done. Our theme this year was Snack Attack and the kids had the task of building a model and researching their favorite snack. The boys chose sausage (after ham) when they found out their snack had to have more than one ingredient (a difference in the challenge from the older kids which we were very familiar with!). After some negotiations, the boys chose to name their team the LEGO Chefs. On Expo Day you will find team members in team tshirts with logos. We thought it would be fun to outfit them in chef hats and aprons. Enter big sister R11. She was on the job!

She was pretty excited about this pattern that we borrowed from a friend. She's getting pretty good at finished edges.
Time to sew those pieces together- they will make the opening for size adjustment.

Adding Velcro- R11 is an expert at sewing on velcro.

Look Ma! Finished seams!
Velcro adjustment all set- she finished the seam on the inside as well.

A completed hat- she did run a top stitch along near the top edge of the band.
Now for the apron- a matching pocket of course!

R11 did careful work for her brothers (she made a hat for herself too with flower embellishments) and they were a hit. J6 even ended up in the local newspaper.

The boys had a great day and they did a great job building their model complete with a simple machine and one motorized moving part and sharing it with others. Way to go LEGO Chefs!


Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Oh this brings back memories. Mom allowed me to take sewing lessons decades ago. :) I have a way of sewing projects backwards but I was able to turn them around. You should have seen a pair of shorts I made! Ha ha! Thanks for sharing!

Kisha said...

Sooo neat! Way to pursue your passions, R11! Love the chef hats!