Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We've been enjoying some new geometry concepts over the last couple of weeks. Last week we were focused on JrFLL and preparing for the big Expo which occurred on Saturday. Before that, we were knee deep in line segments, rays and angles. Oh my!

The list of terms which were turned into a notebook page. Illustrations by R11.

Some of the concepts on the list for R11 for geometry this year (some of them I9 will do as well. His 4th grade list is shorter):
  • metric units
  • coordinate planes
  • volume of a cube or rectangular prism
  • metric and customary unit conversion
  • protractor and compass- lines and line segments, etc
  • drawing angles
  • drawing shapes
  • congruent angles and porportion
  • area of triangle, parallelogram
  • Pi and the Circumference of a circle
J6 is working on measuring length, volume, weight and temperature. He will identify some more shapes as well. These concepts were taken from the Math on the Level Concept Chart. Remember I am preparing my children for Algebra and while some items on the Concept Chart are built upon other skills, some are not. The object is for my students to be ready for Algebra in 8th or 9th grade. E13 started Algebra I in the last quarter of 7th grade because he had mastered the skills necessary for Algebra success. R11 is probably more of a 9th grade Algebra student.

To add to our math journals, I had the kids make a notebook page about the new geometry terms. They did a nice job and they are doing well at remembering all the new words.

They could easily see the size of an angle by using two pencils.
We've also been using some pages from Math Mammoth Geometry I. It was a freebie recently and I grabbed it up. Math Mammoth is great for explaining new concepts and she has plenty of practice for the kids. I like to dabble in math practice sheets by the topic for my kids when I need them.

Measuring angles yesterday....this one is 180 degrees.

The kids are enjoying the unit. We do these new geometry concepts roughly three times a week and we do Life of Fred at least one other day and on the off days we do a math adventure of some sort.

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