Saturday, December 31, 2011

John the Owl

Just a little update on the "Lola Owls"...I9 finished his before the holiday. Check out this boy's skilz.

Look at I9 go! He just went right for those tight turns on the eyes.

and beak!

Finished side...then he sewed up a backing...

and stuffed him and hand sewed him up- with a tight little whip stitch. How cool is that? His name is John. John the Owl!

R11 was distracted with the gifts she was making, but hopefully we'll see a finished Lola from her as well. I9 received his own sewing kit for Christmas. I'll share what's in it very soon- in case any of you mamas of boys want to try it out!

PS- sorry for the blogging break...we were out of town, then back in town and Dan was doing some laptop maintenance for me including a full back up to our server and the installation of Office 2010 along with the usual updates. So, Happy New Year! I'm back in bloggy business!


Crystal in Lynden said...

Seeing your boys sew is so inspiring. I have 3 boys and I think I may have to start looking for a sewing machine to add to our winter indoor activities.

Heather said...

Thanks Crystal!

I ought to do a post on outfitting boys for sewing and sources for projects. Costumes- capes, hoods, etc are big ideas for boys in a girl dominated activity.


Ika Devita Susanti said...

Hi John the Owl!

I really want to learn to stitch so that I can make my own John..