Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Knit Kit

Here they are! The Knit Kits we gave to R's 7 and 8 year old cousins. One of her cousins had requested a craft kit and R11 wanted to make her own. We decided to make one for both of the girls.

A whole box of fun with yarn

R11 did all the labels and illustrations- cute stuff1

The finished apron with the markers and the directions.

Here are the directions for the pom pom maker- she personalized them with the girls' names.

Knitting instructions and size 8 needles

More yarn with a crochet hook. I also included a sheet with online directions for regular crocheting and knitting- I put the links for You Tube videos on there.

Here are some other ideas for yarn fun- including links for finger crocheting and knitting.

Yarn needles, a homemade loom, and directions on how to use the loom to make a bookmark.

We put in a list of the contents and a spool knitter which has its own instructions.

I had to show this close up of the weaving instructions- R11 did a great job on drawing pictures and showing the girls how to do something. She did a lot of work on these.

Stacked and ready for transport- these kits were Maryland bound and have reached their destinations.

The kits were received well although, R11 really wanted to spend some time showing the girls how to use the things inside and that did not work out as well as she would have liked. She wanted to be sure they understood what to do with everything. But the receiver of the doll apron decorated it right up and I'll share the result with you. I hope the girls enjoy the kits as they get to know the contents better. R11 luvs yarn...LUVS it. She was hoping to pass along some yarn joy.

Great job R!


Kisha said...

How cute! Those are the perfect gifts for crafty girls. By the way, Kalijah (my daughter) was browsing your daughter's blog. Now, she's jealous of all the American Girl dolls R has.

Pinkim Kimberly Wright said...

Well, I think they are great gifts and all the more so because of all of the work that went into them! Love, Aunt Kin

Heather said...

Thanks Kisha!

Tell Kalijah that R saves her birthday and Christmas cash and buys them after about a year. She has uh-mazing saving power. Of the (now) 9 dolls she has, she has purchased 5 of them. She just welcomed Ruthie to the family. She needs to update her blog!

She'll be excited to hear someone is reading it. : )


Ika Devita Susanti said...

One thing for sure, I love the yarns. The colors are so inspiring!

Tracey said...

Great gifts! I am sure they were appreciated.

Kim @ Homestead Acres said...

I love the kits! What fun they will bring to their receivers. :)