Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Cheer

We finished our cards! Most are on their way. Holiday cheer for family and friends. Every year I contemplate my infatuation with hand made cards. They are time consuming and sometimes more expensive than you think they will be. Occasionally they add to the stress of the holiday. But in the end, as I suspend time and sit with my paper crafting, I remember...I do it because I really like making them! Maybe not all the stuff that goes with it, but the actual sitting down and handling paper and doodads? VERY high on my list of fun things to do with my time. Also, now that R11 is a serious crafter, we have fun working together. Last year I used watercolor my kids had done and cut the sheets into smaller elements for the card. It's fun to piece together things the kids have done for our holiday cards. I'd better start thinking about next year...

I thought you might like a peek at this year's design.

Scrap fabric, cardstock in handsome Christmas colors, stamps, ink and tape...lots of tape both single and double sided. R11 helped me out this year- she drew the template for the tree and helped to cut the fabric. She also cut the paper after I measured where to cut.

How fun are these fabrics? My personal favorite is the evergreen with cardinals, but that one in the middle with the gold holly? Mmmm....

I think my favorite part about this card is how the fabric changes the whole card. Plus, I luv the texture of the fabric with the paper. This was an idea from Art Projects for Kids from last year that we made into a whole larger piece of art last year. But I went back to the cards and thought about how to change things up with the fabric. Very satisfying results.

And there you have it...Dan and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary- more on that next time and the week before Christmas is always so busy. Next year I'll start earlier. Sure I will. I say it every year. Now if I could just keep a decent address list. It would go that much faster.

Merry Christmas! Remember, there are 11 more days to celebrate this season!


amanda b said...

Hi there! I love your cards- they came out great.

I have a Dominion game question for you:)

My son got it as a gift and I'm not sure if we lost some cards in the chaos yesterday or what... there don't seem to be any "randomizer cards", but all the others are sorted and accounted for. In reading the directions, it seems that maybe they aren't really used anyways- it was unclear to me since we've never played before. Are they just blank cards? or are they really needed to play?

thanks so much- I was going to pm you on the FIAR site, but couldn't find your name when I was looking on there earlier today.
amanda b

Heather said...

I emailed you Amanda! Enjou the game!

Kisha said...

I really like your cards. That has given me an idea for Valentine's Day cards.

Carpenters said...

What beautiful cards! I make mine most years too and feel the same way. It's slightly stressful, but I so enjoy sitting down and paper crafting. Merry Christmas!

Tracey said...

Did you forget to send mine? I have not received it yet.