Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Tree Art

We finally took a moment and traded out our dining room frame projects. This one was a really fun textile art project that I modified from another idea. Thanks goes to Betsy for the fabric scraps!
Materials: cardstock (two pieces), scissors, pencils, fabric, red paper, eraser, and tape
You'll need some fabric that has different patterns and colors in a monochromatic theme- in this case we chose green for Christmas trees.
First, we made the templates by drawing trees and cutting them out. Then we traced the templates onto a new piece of cardstock. I cut out the tree shapes with an exacto knife and the kids chose fabric to fill the windows. They cut it and taped it to the backside of the paper and we glued the whole sheet to the red sulphite paper.

I really like the textures in this project- you could see it even more without framing it.
Don't these look terrific? From left to right- R10, I8, J5, and E12. I just love how the different patterns make a great design. So much fun!

We had a great time on this project. Personally, my favorite part was working with the fabrics. The original project was from a Christmas card idea at Art Projects for Kids. I think this might make a great winter project with blue fabrics and snowflake windows.


Tracey said...

They do look terrific!

Frank Zweegers said...

Nice job.

Anonymous said...

This gave me the idea of making Christmas Thank you cards with scrapbook paper.