Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary 2010!

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary! That's right...fifteen years ago today we rocked everybody's world with a wedding just two days before Christmas. December 23, 1995...just a week shy of the anniversary of our first date. Which we celebrated on our honeymoon!

The photographer (a fellow science teacher) snapped this one as we were leaving at the end of the ceremony. We recessed to "Joy to the World". I can still hear us all singing the hymn together. Look at us! Just 25 years old back then! guys already know we turned 40 this year...big year for us all around.

Fun Stats for You:
  • We met at a wedding of two friends on December 30, 1994- he was the best man and I was the maid of honor (hi Ken & Cherylin!)
  • Dan asked me out for our first date on New Year's Eve 1994- which was also our first kiss (it was New Years after all)
  • February 12, 1995 I meet Dan's parents formally when he tells them, "Mom/Dad- this is the woman I'm going to marry!"
  • May 27, 1995- we get engaged. After five months of dating, living 6 hours apart.
  • December 23, 1995- we have a lovely evening wedding just on the edge of Baltimore City in a little Episcopal Church. I wore my mother's wedding gown- right down to the veil and garter!
  • December 24, 1995- we head to Blackwater Falls State Park in WV for a week long snowy honeymoon!
Tradition states that whenever we pull an "Our First Year Together" ornament (and there are many...) while we decorate the tree, we kiss! The kids always take a picture of us together too. This ornament is one of our wedding favors.

Dan I love you! One of the reasons I get to experience joy daily is because you are in my life!


Mel said...

Happy anniversary! What a neat story.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! December 23, 1989 is our anniversary - 21 years tomorrow! (Today?) The Twenty Third is a Good Day!

Lori said...

You guys are adorable! Happy Anniversary!!

Tracey said...

You guys are perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary!!!!! This was smart to get married so close to Christmas, now Dan cannot forget your anniversary. LOL!

Sheri said...

Sweet sweet story! Didn't realize you had what is traditionally a "short" dating/engagement (Not that I think that's an issue, we were married in under a year of dating and had a 2 (?) month engagement.

Alice@Supratentorial said...

So sweet! But when did they start letting babies get married? You all are adorable but unbelievably young in that picture.


Heather said...

Thanks everyone!

Alice you are not the first person to tell me that we look really young there.

Young and in luv!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be together this for our 10th year anniversary....Our first kiss was also on the night we met...New Years Eve! We were married just 6 months later!!!! June 2, 2001. Having your first kiss on New Years eve...makes that a special holiday always!

Kisha said...

I loved reading you and Dan's story, Heather! I bet his parents were surprised. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Oh - hey there! Sorry I'm late with my Happy Anniversary! What a great wedding story! Merry Christmas too!

Diane said...

Me and my husband also only dated in a long distance relationship for six months before getting married. We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Dec. 5th. Congrats on yours.