Thursday, December 15, 2011

Co-op Fall 2011

Time for a semi-annual post on what the kids did at Co-op this semester. E13 took soccer and FLL- since those two are not represented in pictures here. He loved the soccer class which provided a great time for group play. He loves soccer and just aged out of the youth program. I am hopeful we'll see this one next fall as well. Outdoor classes are best during the fall. The weather is much better than the second semester which begins in February.

I9 took Land of the Ferris Wheel, Home of the Popcorn which was a class on US States. He adored this class. He also took Bible Drama and performed beautifully on performance night having memorized his various lines.

J6 took One Small Square. J6 is a nature kid and loves to be outdoors. He loved this class and the teacher did a terrific job. They even got to make paper which was a highlight for J6. (see those journals above)

J6's other class was Stories and Cooking. They read stories and cooked/prepared matching snacks at every class. I9 used to take those classes to and they are a great offering for the K-2 set. When the class was over he had a whole recipe book full of the things he helped to make.

R11 took a tissue Paper Flowers class. What is not to love?

This is her arrangement which now adorns the top of my TV (yes, we have a TV which can accommodate things on top...which tells you we do not live in the world of the flat screen.). They made one to several flowers of a type each week. Didn't her flowers turn out superbly?

I helped Dan to teach his FLL robot class and I was a helper in the Hand Quilting class. The girls did a great job making coasters and pillows.

One of R's friends made this great log cabin pillow and it's the same on the other side (many of the girls did the piecing only on one side). She was also able to make the lap quilt there. Keep in mind this was all hand done- the piecing and the quilting. Nice job girls!

R's other class was Flower Pressing. This class was amazing for her. It was great fun to see all the projects she created this semester.

This was a great semester for co-op, as usual. The kids love Monday afternoons and so do I- such a low key program compared to others I've heard of out there. I help to chair the committee which oversees and organize the co-op and after the holiday it will be time to start putting together information and class requests for the spring. How many of you all participate in a co-op?

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Jennie said...

Thanks for sharing!! I always appreciate reading your classes which are always so creative!!
Jennie C.