Friday, December 16, 2011

Five in a Row Update

J6 is my only student left in Five in a Row. R11 and I9 are doing some Beyond Five in a Row this year, but I have just one little rower left and I have to say...he's a very different sort of rower! He's not really into the notebooking/lapbooking although he will do some. He does copywork just fine, but he is more of a doer! This has sort of changed things up in our homeschool this year. Instead of doing the lapbook or a 3 pronged folder for each title, I'm doing a 3 ring binder with sections this year- much like Mrs. Lambert suggests in her manual. I try not to get caught up in how much he produces. He's doing everything he needs to do and we are having a grand time- even if it looks different than it has before! So, rather than showing you a post here and there, I will share some of the things we recorded for several titles.

R11 and J6 took orders for the Moonjelly Cafe night during Night of the Moonjellies. We had a great time serving up some summer fun.

White board moonjellies- he worked on these as I read the book. It's a family favorite!

Isn't it fun when big sisters listen and draw too?

He made a sign for his Moonjelly Cafe.

We use Draw, Write, Now- all of my kids have responded well to this program and it makes an excellent copy work source!

I combine the drawing techniques from the work book with copywork from the FIAR book itself. The handwriting paper I create using StartWrite.

He really liked the book Down, Down the Mountain- this was a first for me because we didn't own the book before and it was not available for borrowing. Book sale to the rescue!

He does enjoy using an atlas. Here is the young Mr. J working on a map of Michigan- yes, I know...who lets their first grader do handwriting on the floor? Me...I guess.

We've watched computer videos, used Google Earth, made stop motion animation videos, and he reads to me all the time- all of these relating to FIAR. I think we'll step it up some after the new year- just to cover some other skills, but all in all it's been a great year so far. My last first grader!


Dawn said...

Love it. I wish we were getting more rowing done this year.

SarahElisabeth said...

We love Five in a Row. The Moonjellies book is on my list to acquire. I have seen so much about it. Do you row book 4 or just 1-3? I've heard it is a bit more difficult-is that right?