Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Crafting

We've been busy like bees over the last week or so working on Christmas fun. The kids and I had two days in a row the first week of December devoted to making Christmas crafts as a group. I offered up a chalk drawing the first day at our homeschool group event which was enjoyed by the younger crowd. The next day we participated with our 4H group and I had the kids make the textured tree project we did last year. Some of the projects were very creative. I learned that the events are back to back every year. I think next year we'll do the homeschool group and skip the 4H event. Simplify! Besides, I don't even know what to do with all this stuff!

Clearly, this one wins the prize! It's a lantern made from recycled bottles, doodads, and Christmas lights inside. Batteries make them shine in the bottle and the tuna can on the bottom hides the batteries and switch box. So clever! We have three at our house now.

All of my kids enjoyed the beading!

We have a wreath for the front door.

This was also a hit- wrapping wire and beads around the candles. We have some nice accents around now.
I also have some really fine swags of greens to put up- not sure where! But it was fun to see the kids enjoy the process of putting together some traditional holiday decorations and now we get to use them. We are getting the tree this week- behind on this one this year- we ended up sick after our big lego finish so here we are!

You all might enjoy some posts over at Simple Homeschool- there's an article on a Christmas Bucket List that I think is a terrific reminder on how to stay stress free during this season. Just a couple weeks left really until the big day. Enjoy staying focused on the Advent of our Savior.

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