Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleeping Bags for Dolls

Once R11 recovered from the initial incident involving her arm, she began to craft again! Prior to Thanksgiving, she started a making a sleeping bag for her American Girl dolls and it was ready in time to take a guest on the road with us! Usually her projects are one day affairs, but occasionally she goes for a longer one. This one was pretty much made in one afternoon.

Sewing machine operation with her cast went pretty well. Her left arm made a good weight to hold things down. Thankfully, she is right handed and since this picture, she's had the cast taken off. We are down to a brace which she's worn a week and a half now.

It has two layers of felt so it's nice and fluffy. She chose not to fill it with stuffing.

Note the seams across the fabric in the bag- just like the real bags. Dan discussed with her what they are for and how it helps the bag to be a good insulator.

All set and a perfect fit!

Glancing at a recent American Girl catalog, she calculates she saved herself about $25. I love to watch her creativity at work!


Tracey said...

Awesome! My girls really enjoyed making their sleeping bags in sewing class.

Nancy said...

That is really cool!