Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unit Study: American Girl

My new post is up over at Heart of the Matter! It's an American Girl unit study...some of you have been asking for my co-op ideas and here you'll find them. Go & see!

We all probably know one girl in our lives (our own daughters and their friends or another relative) who has an American Girl doll. In our homeschool, we’ve done a lot with the American Girl dolls (from the Pleasant Company).  My daughter has quite a collection and she still loves them as much as ever at eleven years old. I’ve taught two separate co-op classes featuring the dolls and we’ve done units at home. Co-op classes and clubs encourage the girls to work together and share the experience. My daughter and I have done these unit studies now and then at home, and have made a lot of fun memories together. We also hosted an American Girl Fashion Party for her 11th birthday which consisted of the girls designing and making outfits for their dolls. The possibilities are seemingly endless when you are working with a topic that girls love. So, if you are thinking of putting together an American Girl study yourself, I hope you’ll find these ideas and resources helpful.

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