Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the Go...

Well I'm sure most of us can identify with a busy schedule as we've gotten back to our fall routines. Around here we aim to keep things as low key as possible, but with four children that doesn't always happen. Here's a peek at some things we've been doing while I9 plays out his soccer season (oh and one orthodontist appt was thrown in there). We only have one more practice tomorrow (Wednesday) and Saturday is the final tournament. So, things are winding down for soccer...

My kids had no problem removing the magazines off one of the orthodontist's tables to play a game.

A little Spill and Spell- after a while they had turned the board on its side and were launching the cubes into the cup at the end.

We take art supplies just about everywhere. They were working on fall colors from the HBNS blog.

Somehow artwork on a blanket at a sporting event always draws a big crowd of young spectators...J6 was noting the blue sky around his colorful leaves.

I made sure to provide the fall color palette for reference- this is from the FIAR Fall Nature Study (one of my favorite nature studies of all time)
What else have we been up to this fall? Weekly Co-op, FIRST LEGO League (updates on that coming soon), Sewing Camp, and E13 just finished hunter safety with Dan- another step on the road to his falconry license. The older kids also volunteer at the Salvation Army with Dan to serve a lunch meal on the first Saturday of the month. So, things are busy but thankfully FLL isn't really going to hit high gear until after soccer is finished.

How are things going at your house with a busy routine?


Ellen - SkoMomma said...

Thanks for the tip on the FIAR nature studies! They look great, so I purchased the fall one to try out with my kidlets.

Kisha said...

We love 10 Days in the USA and the Europe expansion.