Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apples & Pumpkins...Some Art

This week we tried out the Apple or Pumpkin Tutorial at Hodgepodge. Once again Nana's Tutorial was a grand time. In fact, we've been adding to our collection all week. We have fodder for next summer's 4H Fair, a lovely garland for our school room, some art for Dan's new office (have I mentioned Dan will start a new job?), and a fall birthday gift.

Hands down one of E13's best pieces of art. Ever.

I9 does a nice job.

R11 adding a "painterly effect"- making something look like a painting

Can you see J6's in the middle right? He doesn't like the chalks. Though I do now offer him the chance to scumble with a Kleenex. He likes that much better.

I like to make a workspace with wax paper.

With my laptop, the tutorial was right there beside us and I could point to Nana's directions the whole time.

R11 had a great time making lots of them.

Ever the artist, she spends a lot of time making her drawings just right. And they do look lovely. She really enjoys playing with colors and layers.

Later in the day I sat down and tried a few. I like the painterly effect.

Instead of using a brown, R11 made pumpkin lines by changing the shade of her orange a bit.

As Tricia over at Hodgepodge says, pastels are blessedly messy. That's a wet paper towel there. R11 thought it would be great just to swipe her finger and carry on with the art.
We are looking forward to more tutorials. If you haven't tried out pastels as a medium, make time very soon. It's a great medium and makes artists out of everyone! The garland in our school room window turned out well. I'll try to post a picture soon!


Hodgepodgemom said...

Awesome, awesome! Everyone did such a beautiful job. It thrills me to hear others catch the enthusiasm of chalk pastels. They really do make artists out of everyone. So forgiving - but most of all fun! You've done a wonderful job of showing how easy it is to set up and adapt for each child - and adult! Thanks so much for sharing.

We have a fall line up coming. Watch for leaves next week :)

luciahames said...

Hi there!
I am Nana from Hodgepodgemom! I wanted to say that all of your pastels are just beautiful! So proud of your work, and please continue to paint with your pastels!

Heather said...

Thank you Tricia and Nana! I so appreciate your work and it's been fun to try out the projects.


Eddie said...

Thanks for the link! We'll have to give the tutorial a try, since we just got the cutest little pumpkin that we could draw.