Friday, October 7, 2011

Flower Pressing

R11 has been taking a flower pressing class at Co-op this semester. She is taking tissue paper flowers and flower pressing this fall. I am always amazed at the creativity of the moms when developing the classes for Co-op. What a gift that they share their expertise with us.

She is excited to have her very own "real" flower press.
Specimen collection
She and some of her brothers have been taking flower walks to pick the blooms.
These small petri dishes are great for collecting on nature walks!
Her flower pressing collection...the guides other than the Golden Guide are new acquisitions at our recent book sale.
Some more projects...
They are even identifying the flowers they pick. Pretty cool.
Another creative project- they use a thin glue solution to decoupage the flowers onto objects.
How about that rock? The rocks were heated in a crockpot and then they drew on them with crayons which melted the wax. Then they glued on the flowers.

I have to say I've enjoyed watching R11 create with all these flowers. It's finally sunny enough out to enjoy being outside- we had an extraordinary amount of rain in September and I'm so glad to see some sunny days!


Blossom said...

Beautiful! How neat. I've never done flower pressing but just today we took our leaves out from between the pages of encyclopedias.

Love the cards that were made from the pressed flowers!

Anonymous said...

Lovely projects! We are going leaf collecting later today, and using a cardboard press - hope it works as nicely as the wooden one in your photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I used to love to press flowers as a young girl. I especially loved the rock idea.