Monday, May 30, 2011

Fashion Sewing Party!

If you are a long time reader, then you might remember that we have three birthdays to celebrate the first week or so of June! R10, I8, and J5 will have birthdays in the next week and a half so we have begun to celebrate! Although it's early, we are already two parties down this season- to accommodate our friends' calendars and our need to spread things out a bit. R10 will be 11 on Wednesday, but we celebrated yesterday with her friends. I8 had a party on Saturday and I'll share about that as well.

Her theme this year was Fashion Sewing! And we invited the girls to bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal to make a skirt or really anything they wanted for it and to have a runway show when they were all finished! Fun stuff, right?

The invitation- we made them in a bunch of colors with different buttons, straps, and designs.

The purse opened to reveal a card inside with the invitation

The back gave some details!

Our design source- I LOVE this kit. I am a paper crafter after all!

Easy directions and ideas

Bags for the girls to take their finished product in- made mostly from fat quarters for ease

I found two machines going- R's is on the left and a friend brought another. Mine is off to the Bernina shop for a repair. I was surprised they had room for two on R's art desk.

The creation will be a dress for a doll- E is working on a sort of dress collar.

What a joyful mess!

I wasn't sure they'd gotten started, so I pulled away from adult conversation to see what was happening and if they were ready to begin. And this is what I found! Simply delightful!

E is working on fixing her mistake. She measured the size of her dress again.

R10's skirt- this is the unfinished version. Stay tuned.

Did I mention there are always boys at our house? Doing boy things? I invited one of the girl's brothers and they were loud having a wonderful time. I laughed at how quiet it would have been had they swapped houses for the playdate, but here J5 is making his presence known!

R is working out some extra bling for Kit's skirt.

E has made a slim dress for her doll and she is choosing some ribbon for the straps.

Another E is working on a halter dress for her doll Phoebe.

J made a doll sized pillow.

A seam forgotten...

Additions complete!

Phoebe is handmade including all she is wearing.

Another finished dress!

I think my favorite part of this party was watching the girls work together and on their own to create a sewn item. I somehow thought that they would need more help or guidance, but they just went to work and it was fun to peek in on them to check on progress. In the end, they were very pleased with their creations and we ran out of time for the official runway show.

Makes me think that a little sewing club would be great fun. I will have to think on this a bit. Of course there were the usuals...cake and presents and some time outside. She got some really cute things and I'm just sure Miss Bliss will share them over at her blog soon.


Kori said...

I LOVE this. May need to be my daughter's birthday party theme too(she turns 10 in July). She has been part of a 4H sewing group this year so that would be a fun extension for some of her friends. Thanks for sharing.

sara said...

What a fun and memorable time! Love the invites too! I wish we had a sewing group around here for my daughter!

pinkim said...

This sure looks like fun!!
Love Aunt Kim

Toodlebugz said...

What a fun day! Happy birthday to the littles!

Tracey said...

Looks like a great party!

musicalmary said...

My daughter would LOVE IT at your house. Right now she is knitting scarves for her AG dolls and sews lots of little things by hand - she really needs a machine and a work area like you have set up in your house.

I am also headed to check out Miss Bliss' blog. My daughter (Miss B) has a blog, too -- so I'll have to show it to her as well!

Kattie said...

Oh how fun! My daughter is 7 1/2 and we made a couple dresses for her look alike doll (Kit) too! We keep talking about having a sewing party with friends, but it hasn't happened yet!