Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Curiosity Shelf

We started school this past week and one of the highlights was this learning display on what I'll call The Curiosity Shelf- the top of the library bookshelf. We have a little something for everyone.

One day I saw J6 at this box and he said to me, "I'm just admiring these pieces of glass." Yup...that's what is all about. He's rowing Night of the Moonjellies and I pulled a bunch of ocean go alongs.

I9 is studying The Captain's Dog- a little Lewis and Clark fun!

E12 has started Quest for the Middle Ages and I know a few boys who are excited to try that castle model when it's time. Of course with a recent hurricane we pulled out some Magic School Bus.

R11 is working through her Portraits of American Girlhood, but we started with Kaya who is not in the book. She is making a model all about Nez Perce life with research and great care. We are also doing some cooking and sewing Nez Perce style. CurrClick is starting up their American Girl club soon. Not sure we'll join in, but we have the invitation since we had joined up last spring and they canceled it.

Admittedly, we are not off to a smooth start. I decided, perhaps unwisely, to let the kids pursue studies of interest which is keeping me on my toes. I need to rethink a few things and work with my daily routine and hopefully things will level out in the coming week.

How has the school year begun for you all?


Anonymous said...

Cool :), Jacob will start back Tuesday :)
OH! I made my home school blog by invite, if you would like to pop in let me know, and I will add your e-mail so you can get in :)

Anonymous said...

OH! Heather.
Where on earth did you find Lewis and Clark?
I am trying to find things online i can print out about them :)

Heather said...


I'd love to take a peek at your blog. My email is blogshewrote (at)twcny (dot)rr (dot) com.

Lewis and Clark- lots of resources out there, but I am using the literature study at the end of the Trail Guide to US Geography. Great book. Great study!


marymakesmusic said...

I love your shelf! While interest led learning is more work for us as the moms, I think it is often the most meaningful for the children. The American Girl study sounds fun - I remember Kaya well!

Enjoy your weekend!

Martha said...

The Curiosity Shelf is a great idea. I love how you are able to leave a little bit for everyone out, maybe that helps everyone feel a little connected to what their siblings are studying.


Heather said...


It does keep everyone connected. Plus, I change things out now and then and sometimes leave books open there. Everyone has been known to stop and check something out. Totally worth effort to keep that space.


Heather said...


Well I decided to follow their interests because it is best for them at this time. Hopefully we'll be able to smooth things out. Planning ahead and having things prepared before the day begins would be a BIG help!


Tracey said...

Another great idea. How do you keep coming up with all of these things?

Anonymous said...

Heather, sent you an invite to my HS Blog...

Pam K said...

I think I will create a shelf for us. Our school year started early August but only because I need a good month to figure our flow out. I hope it's flowing better this week. Thanks for sharing.