Monday, September 5, 2011

Acitivity Filled Days

We're having a rainy Labor Day and before the rain came it was brutally hot and humid. Yesterday everyone was busy. I thought I'd share...

J6 wanted to work with his My First Science Kit- he did two experiments. What's not to love about pipettes and lots of little wells?

I9 was busy painting his lunar module.

R11 painted his space scraps!

Dan and E12 were preparing the field mat for the robot game for this year's FLL season. They had their kick off meeting on Friday night. They've been meeting all summer, but Friday was the release of the actual challenges.

This is our third year coaching an FLL team. We are hoping for a good season!

After the color mixing was over, he added some polyacrylimide crystals to see how much they'd absorb. Then we'll let them evaporate so they turn back into colored dry crystals.

So, it's Monday and we have a good old fashioned rainy day on tap. We talked about celebrating the American worker and already the FLL business has begun. I'm off to do some birthday shopping before coming home to do some baking, game playing, and some school planning. I think J6 and Dan will be building a water rocket, but he'll have to wait to launch it!

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Tracey said...

At first, I thought you were dying Easter Eggs. LOL! But then I read on.

Did you say Hot and Humid? Really? Come and pay me a visit.