Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Science {J6}

Most of the birthday treasures for J6 involved science stuff. You didn't forget his mad scientist party, did you? We took him to our local sciencenter on his birthday and he loved it! He loves any chance to get over there and tinker with exhibits.

Does he look into it or what?

He builds complete circuits with the snap circuits. This set has some fun options including the volt meter which he LOVES to use. This is the green snap circuits kit.
This has some wind, solar, and crank powers sources in it so you don't really need a battery so much like the other sets. This has been a great addition to our snap circuit collection.
He also got a set to take the 300 to the 700 kit and it came with a computer interface. Yes. It's that cool.

Does this make you smile or what? Ok...maybe it's just me. But he loves to read the circuit maps and try out different configurations. Yes...he's really reading. He has just taken off over the last month and there's no catching him at this point.

Check out that solar panel! He's been standing by the window trying to charge his battery.

Other than these electronic pieces of fun, he received glow in the dark hex bugs, a nerf gun and Wii game (just like his brother and yes...there are two different Wii nerf games if you've never seen them), and the Myth Busters water kit which he's been asking for since Christmas!

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musicalmary said...

How exciting!! He looks completely enthralled with all of this. We have been reading a biography of Thomas Edison... about his childhood. It could be your little guy!