Monday, June 13, 2011

J5's Mad Scientist Party!

Sunday was J5's Mad Scientist's Party (loosely based on the Family Fun birthday theme). I had some fun invitations in mind, but seeing as this was the third party in as many weeks, I called the parents instead! After all, I was running late but as it turned out all the boys could make it- just 3.

I wasn't sure our plans would pan out since the boys were not interested in making their lab coats and getting fish ready for a race, but I should have realized they'd just want to play at first. My thought was to get a few things ready, then play, then do science. As it turned out, they played and R11 and I made the lab coats, then when the played slowed down we inserted the science fun. 

Another yummy ice cream cake! With spiral candles.
The scientists are ready for some fun!
The book I pulled our activities from- I went through several before deciding this book was perfect!

A staple in the world of science activities- only ours never turn out so brilliant! I would LOVE to have some real chromatography paper on hand.

We keep a zip line handy in our playroom so this was an easy one to pull off.

In my 6th grade classroom, we preferred boat races but the concept is the same.

Wish I'd had a larger raceway but this did the trick in a pinch. If I had thought about it, my 3/4 sheet baking pans are deep enough to hold water. We'll have to try that next time.

R11 was our cruise director and helped the boys get their fish ready and their coats and goggles on. She had a great time.

Of course we used real disposable pipettes. Doesn't everyone?

The young scientists were very busy and did a great job following directions.

A close up of our set up on the fish races- once a race was over we had to rinse the pan out and start again. The soap breaks the surface tension so that the molecules shoot the fish forward.

They were all very pleased with their results.

Treat bags full of science fun! And decorated with science type stickers

Atomic balls, mood pencils from our local science center, a tornado tube, safety goggles and their lab coats went home with each scientist. They loved it!

After the party, these two sweet scienctists played with water, bubbles, and pipettes for a long time. J5 left those goggles on forever. So. Cute.

J5 received some great things that I'll share soon. In fact, since so many of you enjoy seeing some of our fun kid finds, I'll happily share some ideas!

This is a super party idea for kids who love this sort of thing. I'd do it again for sure. Our June birthday bonanza has drawn to a close. It was a great season of fun and we have our relaxed summer schedule during which we can enjoy the new birthday treasures. Stay tuned for a report on the treasures coming up.


Athena said...

How fun :) Looks like a great day!

Lori said...

Fun. Great party idea! I have a 10 year old "mad scientist" who would love this.

Tracey said...

That is simply mad! LOL!

Looks like so much fun.