Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Treasures

Here's a glimpse of R10's fun gifty treasures. Is it bad that I love it when a birthday comes around? Fun new things to enjoy and play with- with my kids?! Tell me I'm not the only one!

Ice cream cake! I made two ice cream cakes at R's request and she requested to decorate it herself. She and her friends decorated both of them. Two of the girls had taken cake decorating classes at co-op. Hey- I could stand this every year!

Our pal Mrs. R made this cute bustle skirt for R10. Are those colors fun or what? More about this skirt construction another time...it required the use of another gift R recieved. The front is just a plain straight skirt. R loves it!
friendship bracelet kit
A friend of Mrs. R, made this for R11 knowing what her favorite colors are. She can hardly wait to hang this up. And for the record, R11 LOVES to use a hand crank sewing machine!
What a fun paper doll set to help with next year's ball gown designs!

A friend E12 (not her brother!) gave her some fabric and a project to try. The fabric colors are so fun!

hand painted card...so inspiring!

Another friend E12 (again, not her brother!) made a dress for Samantha- one that was to be for the year 1910 or so. I think she did a lovely job!

R10 was so gracious while receiving her gifts. Each one was very special to her and it will be fun to see her enjoying everything. The paper dolls have inspired some other play which I can share soon. She did get some things from us, but they are news for other posts. So much to share we've been so busy!

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Tracey said...

You are not the only one.

What great gifts she received!

The ice cream cake looked good too.